Social Media Management

The big question… does my business need an Instagram or a Twitter account or should we be on Facebook or do we need all three? Not the mention the rest. Vulcan can help answer these questions during our consults. We can even take it one step further in building a plan, setting up the platforms and in some cases managing them on your behalf.

Vulcan have access to tools that can grow social media platforms and sync them for easier internal management. If you have the drive and passion to make online work for you, then we can educate you on how to effectively manage your social media to provide the best reach and engagement possible.

In a vast digital world we have clients turning 90% of their annual sales marketing purely through social media influencers. For this reason we handle each strategy on a industry case by case basis. We have talented partners that specialise in each of the large social platforms. Introducing you to partners that will provide the best marketing returns based on your brand and budget is something we consider part of the process.

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