Mobile Applications

Does my business need a standalone IOS/Android app? If we had a dollar for everytime we were asked this question! This is never a fixed answer but always ties back to what value is this offering our customers? What return does this supply us? Does this make sure better than our competitors? Let us help you answer that question by educating that chatting through the pros and cons.

If you want to discuss apps arrange a free consult… Now for the technical stuff...

Development of the standalone app starts upon approval of the design. Dependent on the requirements, Vulcan will build the app using React Native and ported to Android and iOS or alternatively, if it is better suited, we will build the app in Java (Android SDK) and/or Swift. During the app development, there will be several milestone reviews to get your input and feedback on the direction of the app development.

Upon finishing the app development and having final sign off of the app, Vulcan will work alongside you and your business to get the apps setup and running on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. This includes assisting with the app title, description and visuals.

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