About the project

NZMotorbike is a one-stop shop for all things motorbike. Whilst similar to TradeMe, NZMotorbike instead focuses entirely on the motorcycle industry.

The entire site was completed by our senior developer; solo, within the span of 2 months all in all this was a fun project, and everyone was happy with results inclusive of the fact that we were able to launch a month earlier than expected

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Our Challenges


We needed a reliable way to search listings based on distance/radius from a users current location or NZ as a whole.

Our solution for the distance/radius searching was relatively simple mathematics and the fact that we were able to obtain a commercial-use database complete with all regions, districts, post codes and most importantly the longitude and latitude coordinates which without, the radius searching would simply not be possible.

As each user was required to provide their post code upon registration we were able to utilise this to display relevant, local listings to the user, as most people are not interested in travelling across the country to pick


We needed an up-to-date database of all makes, models and their respective manufacturing year

While not a challenge programatically, finding an up-to-date database was. We ended up striking a deal with a (at the time; local) company in Australia, whom were happy to provide this database along with monthly updates free of charge in exchange for advertising / word of mouth through out the website where possible.

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