North Queensland Animal Rescue

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About the project

NQAR is a foster carer based rescue organisation in the Cairns region. We aim to rescue homeless and abandoned pets from local pounds and private surrenders.

This website was donated to the volunteer team at North Queensland Animal Rescue in recognition of the beautiful and caring service they provide.

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Our Challenges


Double posting issue

One of the main tedious tasks that the NQAR team was faced with was having to redundantly post animals available for adoption in two locations, one being PetRescue and the other; their old WordPress website.

We were able to request API access from PetRescue directly and create the appropriate synchronisation tasks so that the team could literally halve the time it took to add in a new animal and prevent taking up valuable time for that volunteer.

This integration will

  • Update the listing when the listing on PetRescue updates
  • Delete the listing when the listing on PetRescue is removed
  • Modify the listing to "Rehomed" once the animal has found a new home and has been updated on PetRescue
  • Synchronise images
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