SilverStripe 4 Released


The greatly anticipated stable release of SilverStripe 4 has us head over heels in love with it’s new and improved UI design and responsive CMS along with a completely refactored file management system and asset versioning.

SilverStripe has long been a pride and joy to develop some of our most complex websites with a community to boot that's keen to help anyone find a solution to any logical scenario.


Things worth mentioning:

With that said, the pain of upgrading your SilverStripe 3.x projects and modules to the new version has been significantly reduced with their release of the upgrader tool depending on the complexity of what you want to upgrade but for the most part it will resolve most differences. We advise you read their guide thoroughly before using this tool.


Check out some the modules we have already released:

We are a huge believer in open-source projects and we always try to give back to the community whenever possible!

User Docs:
Create your own user documentation easily for anything! Especially that custom API you made that people need to know how to use, wouldn't it be great to easily document all endpoints, request and response parameters, display beautifully highlighted JSON/XML response examples, code blocks and more.

Send Grid:
A module to assist developers in sending template emails via Send Grid

Page Feedback:
This module allows you to add a form to any page type for the purpose of accruing feedback about how a user perceives that page.

Plus more, take a look at our organisation on GitHub:


If you're looking to get your site upgraded and don't feel confident with the upgrader tool then don't hesitate to contact us for an estimate and we will get it done with confidence.

Check out the full SilverStripe 4 changelog here and documentation here.


Long live SilverStripe!