Secondary Conversion Goals

Joshua wrote:

As digital progresses and gets smarter and faster, so must we. It is becoming easier than ever for to browse multiple services or products online, shuffling through tabs and giving each website only moments to grab a buyers attention.

To secure a conversion whether it's an online purchase, contact form or online booking; we must be doing everything we can online to standout and secure that buyers engagement. This is where secondary conversion goals come in to your digital business.

Marketing studies show that the average online consumer doesn’t convert into a lead/client for around 3-5 visits of your brand. Whether those visits/impressions are social media, website or other marketing means you have displayed. During this new age buying cycle we have so many competing factors that can snatch a client from you at any stage.

Setting up a secondary conversion goal or multiple may allow you to gain more control and engagement during the process. Let us share an example that will help better understand how a secondary conversion goal works.

"I have a website selling weight loss supplements, for this I have set up an online store and am marketing on several platforms including google and Facebook. I am selling the product directly through ecommerce and am looking to run my business autonomously. I have decided to setup two secondary conversions to assist with losing visitors with no return."

The first goal will consist of a call to action that provides a download link to a free e-book (online brochure) that is labeled "5 easy steps to lose weight and how to decide what supplements suit my goals". For my business this is free digital material, but in order for the client to download it. They will need to supply information such as: email, name and other key details. This will allow our business to engage with this client proactively during their buying cycle. Giving us more control.

The second goal is a free sample pop-up. This is triggered to be sent to the client upon certain actions, such as leaving a product page or the website. This allows once again to gain their details and have a chance to engage and sell the sizzle of my product.

This is a very basic and simple overview of how secondary conversions can work, but we have found on average that our clients are more than doubling their website engagement with carefully planned secondary conversion goals.

If you think this could be something that would add value and the edge to your business online. Please feel free to book in a free phone call or consult with one of the team here at Vulcan Digital. We would be happy to brainstorm some ideas.